A downloadable game for Windows

Our entry for the 2014 Candy Jam. 

In the future, where we all succumb to our huge sugar diets, we will not suffer from horrendous diabetes, but instead morph into differing candy items. The leading sport will be the achocalypse, where athletes compete for chocolate - the most expensive and rare commodity. Big Red & Blue Raz, two mutants who rule the Candy Apple division, will compete for glory in the arena. Who will win? Grab a friend and find out!

By default, the game is designed for 2 Xbox 360 controllers - if you don't have Xbox controllers, you can change any control options at the title/lobby screen by pressing F12, and then set the player 1 & 2 controls for the keyboard from here.

Install instructions

1) Download Zip File.

2) Open Zip File.

3) Extract Game to destination of your choice.

4) Play Game.

5) Enjoy the hell out of the game.