A downloadable Shark, Attack for Windows

This is my unofficial entry for Ludum Dare 29 (the theme is Beneath the Surface). 

Shark Attack is a 2 player game where one player controls a boat, and the other player controls a shark. The shark is hidden, unless the player wishes to pop their fin above the water's surface to show their location - this is a quick action and can be done very quickly to avoid detection. Once the shark player thinks they are under the boat, they can press an attack button to try and take down the boat. If they encounter the boat during an attack, the boat will be destroyed and the shark wins.

The boat has to keep an eye out for the shark's fin, as well as using a motion sensor to figure out if they are near the shark. They can throw dynamite off the boat in 4 directions in an attempt to kill the shark. 

I made this in roughly a day, and all artwork (except for the explosion) was created by myself. All audio has been grabbed from other websites (I don't have the audio skills to make all of that myself!).

Install instructions

Download the zip file

Unzip the installer

Install the game to your computer - follow the instructions


SharkAttack.zip 1 MB